Colonial Basket Maker

Hi, for my job, I’m a basket maker. Colonists need many of them. There are no cans, plastic bags, or cardboard boxes. I make many different kinds of baskets. How do I make them? Well, to begin my work, a basket maker cuts down young trees with an ax. Ash, hickory, and willow trees work well. I cut the wood into long strips called splints. I soak the splints in water to make them bendable. Using a mallet, I flatten them once they are soft. I separate layers of wood with a large knife. Then, I flatten them again. Next, I weave the the baskets bottom. I turn up spokes, strips of wood, to form the basket’s sides. Then, I weave strips over and under the spokes in rows. Finally, I make the rim and handle. So, that’s how I make baskets.

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