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Colonial Basket Maker

Hi, for my job, I’m a basket maker. Colonists need many of them. There are no cans, plastic bags, or cardboard boxes. I make many different kinds of baskets. How do I make them? Well, to begin my work, a basket maker cuts down young trees with an ax. Ash, hickory, and willow trees work well. I cut the wood into long strips called splints. I soak the splints in water to make them bendable. Using a mallet, I flatten them once they are soft. I separate layers of wood with a large knife. Then, I flatten them again. Next, I weave the the baskets bottom. I turn up spokes, strips of wood, to form the basket’s sides. Then, I weave strips over and under the spokes in rows. Finally, I make the rim and handle. So, that’s how I make baskets.

Colonial Leaders

Who is Pocahontas?
Was the favorite daughter of Powhatan.
In 1613, she was kidnapped by the English.
Real name was “Matoaka, Rebbecca Rolfe.”
Was buried at St. George’s church in Gravesend at age of 22.
Was a Powhatan Native American woman.
“Pocahontas” was a nickname meaning “playful” or “mischievous one.”
Became known as Lady Rebbecca and was treated like a princess.
Was fascinated by John Smith and twice saved his life.
Married with John Rolfe, they had a son named Thomas Rolfe.
When she brought food and furs to Jamestown, the settlers did not starve because of her kindness.
That is Pocahontas.