Archive | October 2018

The Zombie Nightmare

Once-upon-a-time I went to a pumpkin patch. I was just wandering around until my enemy showed up. “What are you doing here? I asked. “Well, I just wanted to be nice, you know”, she said sarcastically. “M-hmm. What’s that?”, I asked while pointing to a Sprite. “Oh, this? Just a gift. Here”, she said. “Thanks?!”, I said questionable. “K-bye!”, she said while turning away. I just stood there looking confused. “Oh well.” I said to myself. I drank the Sprite anyways. One minute later, I had a weird feeling, I was, a ZOMBIE! That’s when it hit me, it was a spell. I shrieked, “AHH!” Later on, I woke up. I checked myself. I was fine. “Whew!”, I said. “It was just a nightmare.” Everything was back to normal!